Dr. Dobrzynski presents…

The HypoThyroid Diet

Are you experiencing problems in losing weight and fatigue? If so, I have some surprising info for you. Really…some of this information may even shock you!

If you’re like most people, you try to lose weight by going on a diet. And the most common type of diet is a low calorie diet. Dieting becomes a problem, especially you repeat the diet, or the diet focus is restricting calories.

Eventually you go OFF the diet due to frustration. The result is a few pounds lost, frustration, and a lower metabolism, called hypometabolism.

Don’t panic! You’re not alone. Thousands of people suffer from some form of hypothyroidism and there are some simple answers for you.

There is no need to run off to your doctor just yet. My hypothyroid diet optimizes you metabolism. It enables the body to buurn more calories because the body runs more efficiently. The result is increased energy, clearer thinking, fewer aches & pains, better digestion and long-term weight loss.

Take a look at the details on this page and see if my hypothyroid diet feels right for you. I hope to see you again soon.

To your good health,
Dr. Kevin Dobrzynski

Be good to your thyroid…